Can forced linting surpress contributions when linting is first introduced?

We recently introduced forced linting to the views and enforce it via a pre-commit hook.
Before this change, we’d been completely lacking in view file linting, so when someone makes a small change to a view file now, they will be met with a laundry list of small changes.
Most changes are things like asking the developer to make an afjustment such as changing <%=user.username%> to <%= user.username %> (spaces preferred to no spaces) as per the style guide.
I am concerned that this could add too much barrier for small contributions, even though we would love to get our views consistently linted eventually.
Here was the issue in the project, but I’d love any general input on the topic here.
Could view linting be suppressing contributions? #1828
benhalpern commented on Feb 18, 2019 I have the feeling that view linting could be presenting a pretty strong burden to contributions. You could make a small contribution and get hung up with a huge linting fix chore as it currently stands.
I just feel like as an outsider without context it could add a bit too much burden at the time being. Thoughts on taking it away as a blocker to pushing and leave it as something folks can voluntarily make progress on until the app is at a closer place to being fully linted on the view with our preferred styles? View on GitHub

I’d love to hear about how you’ve dealt with this in the past.