The biggest mistake library and framework maintainers make

They forget what it’s like to actually develop apps. I wanted to boost this very relevant tweet from Sophie Alpert, who had been a part of React for the past few years.

Sophie Alpert

After getting back into app dev, I feel like the React team has* underestimated how much code in apps is related to data fetching/management* overestimated how complex data reqs for most apps are.At least, I did! Now feeling like a read only react-fetch pkg _would_ cover 95%.
05:40 AM – 19 Feb 2019


No framework is perfect, but I’ve consistently felt like the Rails team has done a good job of remembering what application development is like. Not what it could be like, or what it’s like ideally, but what it’s actually like.
I don’t mean to criticize any technology in particular, least of which React—probably the most amazing front end web development technology since jQuery. But this mistake has clearly been made in the project as well as every other project from time to time.
Remember what it’s like to be the user. Core teams should have a diverse list of application teams with various needs to guide them. They also might want to rotate into different organizations as contractors in order to taste the medicine.