How I built a desktop app with vue in minutes

When it comes to desktop app, electron is a powerful tool. You can build cross-platform applications in one shot.
As I like vue, i’ve triyed created an application with ‘electron-vue’ and this is how simple it is !
Let’s make a weather app using OpenWeatherMap API

🛠️ Installation

I was using Ubuntu 18.04 and Webstorm IDE. I also like vuetify components so I installed the vuetify/electron repository

Looks like the GitHub repo doesn’t exist anymore..

To install the project run
vue init vuetifyjs/electron my-project

cd my-project
npm install
npm run dev

Now you are ready to go !

Then to display the weather, i will need :
-Highest temperature
-Lowest temperature
So let’s change that page into what we need ! I’m using two Card component, one to search the city and the other one will then display the weather

<p>Welcome to my météo app.</p>
<p>Search for a city to display the weather</p>
<v-text-field label=”City" box v-model="city"></v-text-field>
<v-btn primary flat router @click="getWeather">Search</v-btn>

<v-card v-if="show">
<v-layout row>
<v-layout xs6>
<v-layout xs6>
<p><v-icon>fas fa-snowflake</v-icon>Min : {{ tempMin.toFixed(2) }}°C</p>
<p><v-icon>fas fa-sun</v-icon>Max : {{ tempMax.toFixed(2) }}°C</p>
<p><v-icon>fas fa-tint</v-icon>Humidity : {{ humidity }} %</p>


💻Requesting the API

I now need to code my getWeather function
I’m using axios to make API requests, I then store the data i want into my app

the API endpoint is ‘/data/2.5/weather’


import SystemInformation from ‘./WelcomeView/SystemInformation’
import axios from ‘axios’
axios.defaults.baseURL = ‘’
export default {
name: ‘welcome’,
components: { SystemInformation },
data () {
return {
city: ”,
country: ”,
weatherDescription: ”,
temp: null,
tempMin: null,
tempMax: null,
humidity: null,
show: false,
key: ‘863668499362fb4884ebd97229f3b26b’,
url: ‘’
methods: {
open (link) {
getWeather () {
axios.get(this.url, {
params: {
appid: this.key
}).then(response => {
this.temp = – 274
this.tempMax = – 274
this.tempMin = – 274
this.humidity =
this.weatherDescription =[0].description = true
}).catch(errors => {

🌟 And that’s it !

Simple as a classique Vue js application, I just made a simple cross-plateform application.

this was my first electron app, and also my first blog post
I really loved it because i’m able to use the same app on Windows, MacOs and Ubuntu (has i work on ubuntu)
feel free to tell me about stuff i made wrong ore i could have done better, and to share some cool stuff to work on !