Vue 2.6 ‘Macross’

Originally this post was published by my colleague Tonya Smyrnova on Syndicode blog.
Vue 2.6 ‘Macross’ is here! No major updates for the core, but a number of substantial improvements and neat internal changes.
So, here they are:

The first step is the new syntax of scoped slots. It was experimented with a number of different designs and eventually landed on the new v-slot syntax outlined in this RFC.
Another improvement for slots is the unification of normal vs. scoped slots in terms of implementation, due to the performance advantage of scoped slots.
All slots using the new v-slot syntax are compiled into scoped slots. This means all slots using the new syntax automatically get the performance improvements;
Vue’s built-in error handling mechanism (in-component errorCaptured hook and the global errorHandler hook) now also captures errors inside v-onhandlers. In addition, if any of your lifecycle hooks or event handlers performs asynchronous operations.
Directive arguments can now accept dynamic JavaScript expressions.
Thanks to the stellar pull request by GitHub user @gzzhanghao, starting in 2.6 most template compilation warnings now comes with source range information.
2.6 introduces a new global API to explicitly create standalone reactive objects.
The new serverPrefetch hook allows any component (instead of just route-level components) to pre-fetch data during server-side rendering, allowing for more flexible usage and reducing the coupling between data fetching and the router.

Read more about the new features here.
By the way, according to The State of JavaScript in 2018, you definitely should consider Vue.js for your next project. This technology is promising!