🇹🇼✈️ Taking DEV to Taiwan with me ✈️🇹🇼

This month I’ve been traveling in Taiwan, exploring this beautiful country, eating tons of seafood, and making new friends. So before I embarked on this journey, I planned to attend a few meetups here. Although there are not many events going on here, I found one group called Wizard Amigos, a nomadic community of individuals helping new developers learn Javascript.

Their mission instantly clicked with me. So I joined them in two of their meetups in hopes of helping shape some young minds. I mentored them on how to make desktop apps in Electron and also on how to make CLI apps in node.js. Around the same time, I also published the DEV.TO CLI app devtocli on GitHub.

🎁💝DevTo CLI💝🎁: A Valentine’s Day Gift To My Favorite People
Sarthak Sharma


And coincidentally, around the same time, Ben was invited as a guest to the Product Hunt Radio. In the podcast, he talks about how Dev.to came into existence and what is the core ideology behind this platform. He also talks about leading by example (which I’ve admired since the beginning), his love for open source, and how to manage remote teams, along with other interesting stuff. I highly recommend you all to check out the episode.

Product Hunt

NEW POD: This week @ThePracticalDev founder @bendhalpern joins us to chat about: 🙌 Leading by example when building online communities 🏠 Being honest with yourself about taking breaks as a founder👀 Predictions for future trends on the webListen: producthunt.com/radio
20:32 PM – 14 Feb 2019


Listening to the podcast reminded me why I left Medium, even being the top author in Productivity for a while, and started writing of Dev.to instead. It’s because Dev.to is a community in the purest sense of the word. People listen to you, respond to you, and moreover, are ready to help you.
And how can you make such a strong community even stronger? By adding more like-minded people to it, of course! And that’s exactly what I did in the Wizard Amigos meetup. To understand what their organization is doing, you can check their website or just check this screenshot below.

So anyway, I invited all of them to join Dev.to. I thought their mission would resonate strongly with all of us here, since they’re trying to help beginner developers, and that’s what Dev.to is about, right? It was so great to show off the platform to them, and I could see in their eyes how excited they were! Oh, and the best part was telling them about Jess, co-founder of Dev.to and Taiwanese-American software developer. They were super proud to find that out. (Believe me, Jess, they really were.)
So overall, it was a great experience for me, attending a meetup in a foreign country and talking about something that I am proud to be associated with😊. Here are a few clicks from the event:

Sharing is Caring

I want to end this post by saying this: keep sharing your knowledge, guys. Believe me, it’s a great feeling that is hard to match. Here’s a list of things I shared with the members of Wizard Amigos. I really hope you guys can also get something out of it as well.

sarthology / wizard-sarthak

🧙🏼‍♂️A gift for all my friends at Wizard Amigos

Hello to all my fellow wizards! Thanks for your wonderful company. These two weeks were amazing. I really like what you guys are doing and hope you will be successful in your quest.
So here is the repo for your friendship. For those of you who missed the meetups or would like everything in one easily accessible place, I’m sharing all the resources, links, apps etc. that we have discussed in the meetups. Hope you find this useful.

We discussed how electron can be really powerful for making desktop apps. A few things that I shared with you are here:

List of all the resources for Electron: 👓 Awesome Electron

If you guys want to make a Menubar app: Menubar

If you guys want to use Dragula 😆: Dragula

Node CLI apps
We also discussed how to write command line apps and here are a few links…

View on GitHub

Another thing I highly recommend you guys to do is to start attending meetups like this in your local community and on your travels, especially if you’re veteran developers. I sound like such an old man when I say this😂, but mentoring young blood and introducing them to wonderful communities like DEV is as important as generating content.
And on that note, I’m gonna take my leave. See you next time, folks! I am going to continue exploring Taiwan for now 😆.

Link: https://dev.to//teamxenox/-taking-dev-to-taiwan-with-me–2c77