What would your ideal developer interview process look like?

Some job interviews have coding tests in the interview. Some have “take home" tests. Some have several rounds of interviews. Some just have one.
If you were the one designing the developer hiring/interview process, what would it look like and why?

Would you do multiple rounds of interviews?
Would you have a coding test in the interview? What would that look like?
What are some of the maybe less obvious questions you might ask?
Would it be a short interview (< 30 minutes) or a longer and more thorough interview? Would you meet & greet with the team / show them around the office? The idea with this is to take your experience as a developer and think about what you would want to know from a candidate and factoring what you did/didn't like through your own job interviews. I've been interviewed a few times and conducted interviews a few times (I'll put my full thoughts as a comment below) and found that my own experiences changed what/how the interviews I ran went. I'm curious what other people would do it if they had the same opportunity.

Link: https://dev.to//turnerj/what-would-your-ideal-developer-interview-process-look-like-5efi