Do you like mailing lists? And perfecting the podcast.

My co-host and I are delving into the meta-content this week, talking about the podcast itself. Our biggest question is about mailing lists. We’re uncertain whether we should have one. There are definite advantages for the content creator, but privacy issues for the listener.
There are many other options to be informed of podcasts, such as subscriptions on patreon, Spotify, or following the RSS feed. But the same is not true of non-podcasts, such as blog articles. For those, Twitter still works, but content can be lost.
What’s your opinion of mailing lists?
#19 Insert (Bit)Coin Edaqa & Stephane Podcast iTunes Overcast Android RSS Your browser does not support the audio element. 1x [ x ] We also talk a lot about the audio of the show. There’s a lot behind a podcast and we haven’t found the perfect solution yet. You’ll note something sounds off with my voice this time.

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And let us know, do you like mailing lists, and what’s important on a podcast to you?