Thoughts on blogging after six months on

Hi! I’m Helen.
By day I’m a BI Data Analyst and by night I write posts about SQL and data things.
I wrote a post after reaching the three-month mark writing on last November and it’s time for another check-in. (Don’t be fooled by my ‘One year club’ badge, I was lurking for a long time before posting anything).

Thoughts on blogging after three months on
Helen Anderson


The Stats

40 posts
8500+ followers
146 000+ views
Top 7 of the week x7
Plenty of confidence and new contacts

Why I’m here

When I first began blogging I had some content up my sleeve from my WordPress blog. It’s easy to get going and post once, even twice a week, when you have posts formatted and ready to go.
Over the last three months, I’ve had to come up with more of a plan. How am I going to fit this into my week? How often am I going to post? How much time am I going to dedicate to this ‘extra’?
I’ve decided on posting once per week primarily on SQL and database, with AWS and career as my secondary topics. This keeps it focussed and means I’m not trying to be an expert in everything.

The Second Wave

I’m now also at the point where I’ve posted about all the topics I’m really confident in. Posts from now on require a bit more research and time to be really polished.
There are plenty of benefits from getting to this point. I am researching and reading more about topics I’ve got a fairly good understanding of and filling in the gaps in my knowledge. I’m also discovering more topics as I go. Right now I’m learning more about things that the DBA on my team does after reading about disaster recovery and maintenance for a previous post.
Teaching is the best way to really drive home your understanding of a topic and blogging is a great way to do this.

My Favourite Posts

This post isn’t about new tech or a tutorial, it’s about all of those little things that make you a better team member, leader and develop the soft skills that are necessary to level up. I enjoyed writing this as it was an opportunity to be inspired by other members of the community and put my own spin on past posts. This post then went on to inspire two posts where I found a post for every letter of the alphabet on my chosen topic.

6 Ways to Level Up Your Career
Helen Anderson


Finding a topic, for each letter of the alphabet wasn’t too much of a stretch when it came to AWS. They have an incredible amount of services and even though I kind of cheated at the end, I was able to find a post for each. Writing this post helped with my learning of the core offerings and a few more concepts. It was fun finding a post from the community for each letter and when I heard it made it to the Top 7 Posts of the week list, I made one for SQL concepts.

AWS Series: AWS From A to Z
Helen Anderson


This is a recent post that wasn’t super serious. I like how there is the freedom on to write what you feel like even if it’s not a tech topic or a little abstract. This comparison hit me when I was in ballet class and I’m happy to say was well received. James even wrote a reply – Why Microservices are like Line Dancing. I can’t wait to see what’s next in the dance-tech crossover world.

Why a Database is like a Dance Class
Helen Anderson


My favourites to read

As someone who is considering her next career move, I appreciated the way James showed the difference between Senior and Lead in the Development world. He also writes an insightful newsletter that you should sign up to, making sense of the career ladder and what to focus on to become a tech leader.

What’s The Difference Between A Senior And Lead Developer?
James Hickey


Regular expressions aren’t something I’ve had to work with in my day job … yet. But I’ve heard colleagues chatting about their use case in our team. Catherine’s post is a great place to start for those who are getting started for a high-level overview.

A regex cheatsheet for all those regex haters (and lovers) 👀
Catherine 👩🏻‍💻


This post from Lucas is an incredibly thorough walkthrough of database concepts and jargon. It’s a 16-minute read, one of the longest I think I’ve seen so far. Lucas breaks things down into bite-sized chunks that can be referred to later or read from top to bottom. A great resource for beginners.

Everything you need to know about (Relational) Databases
Lucas Olivera


Where to next?

I’ll be working on posts with a ‘SQL 201’ focus and catching up with posts on AWS as I study. A much more interesting way to lock that knowledge in than writing notes in the traditional way.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone in the community and I look forward to the next six months.