We have 2 New Items in the DEV Shop— just in time for Spring!

I’m super excited about The DEV Shop’s newest spring arrivals. They will make heads turn, and guaranteed* to get compliments everywhere you go.

The Daisy DEV hat is not only a hat, it’s a feeling. Put it on and you’ll be transported to a place where your tests always pass, your merges succeed and the only bugs are lucky ladybugs.

This embroidered bomber jacket is classy AF. It’s probably the coolest thing we’ve sold yet. It goes with almost everything and is the perfect compliment to what you’re packing for that upcoming conference.
*Alright, let’s be honest, we can’t actually guarantee this. But if they don’t, we think you’re hanging around the wrong people.

Link: https://dev.to/devteam/we-have-2-new-items-in-the-dev-shop-just-in-time-for-spring-5ejb