What does a dev’s personal website need to include?

I have a background in graphic design, but have semi-recently (over the past ~3 years) career shifted to a point where my current title is Front-end Dev & UI Designer.
However, my personal website hasn’t quite caught up with that change – funny how it doesn’t update itself, right? It’s long overdue for an update and I really want it to reflect my current skillset. I’m not looking to job hunt at the moment (if that affects your recommendations), but I do use my site a fair bit for networking and occasional freelance work. In the past, I used my site as a digital portfolio of stuff I designed + screenshots / gifs of static sites I coded on my own. However, now I’m doing web app development in React, building and maintaining a component library, sharing a codebase with a team of other devs, etc. – basically, not stuff I can screenshot and put in a gallery-view portfolio the same way I used to.
I’ve done a bit of poking around on other folks’ sites, but I’m curious: what content do you think is important to include on a front-end dev’s personal site, and how do you present / communicate the work you’ve done?

Link: https://dev.to/kathryngrayson/what-does-a-devs-personal-website-need-to-include–58ld