Are Anti App Addiction Policies/Laws the next big discussion in tech?

I have been following this news “PUBG BAN" for a while. Here are some news clipping to understand the whole story.

Finally Today

They did this because of strong criticism by parents and the government of India. I do understand that the banhammer is an extreme measure that doesn’t provide a long-term solution, and instead we should teach people to control these urges and cravings better. But think about it; if getting rid of addictions was so easy, drug addiction and substance abuse laws wouldn’t be such a big deal. It’s illegal to use such substances because people can’t fight their temptations. They alter people’s brain chemistry in very real ways, and digital applications today are no different.
Companies hire professionals to make their platforms as addictive as possible to maximize profits. Such practices have been used for a long time now, not only by game developers but also by other platforms like Amazon and Facebook. These apps affect the human brain on a chemical level. And more and more people succumb to the addiction every day, without even being aware of it.
So in this discussion, let’s explore these rising threats and our responsibilities as Makers.
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