Code of Conduct generator!

Tl;dr: I’ve just launched The Code of Conduct Generator!

When I was asked to write a code of conduct for the first time, I really thought it was easy.
I was wrong.
So, being a programmer, I created The Code of Conduct Generator, so everyone could generate one themselves.
It’s really easy: you just type in your community or company name, the reporting email and check some checkboxes. Boom, you’re good to go.


Time spent on the whole project: two hours
Time spent fiddling around with that button gradient and box-shadow: almost one hour
Food eaten during creating this: one BigMac Bacon
Hosting: Netlify
Framework: there’s no framework, just newest JavaScript and some templates.
Hey, I want you to teach me how to create that tiny projects smoothly. Is it possible? Yes. Just send me an email at

Be kind to others.