Thoughts on migrating to TypeScript and improving the overall quality of the frontend DEV codebase

I think the evolution and increased popularity of TypeScript over the past year or so means that it is a good time to migrate towards using it on DEV.
Nick Taylor has been the biggest proponent, but it all jives with my view of things.
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Nick Taylor


I did not want us to be too far on the bleeding edge of frontend technology and that continues to be my stance, but I think TypeScript is in a good place and Rails’ support of “modern" JavaScript is likewise in a good place.
As it currently stands, we have some of our JavaScript in the "old" app/assets/javascripts area of the codebase and some in the new app/javascript area which is configured via Webpacker.
As mentioned by others, I don’t think we need to wholely re-write in TypeScript, but we should begin refactoring and writing new features this way. And in general, we should definitely be migrating the oldest JavaScript into the new area to whatever extent possible.
I think this initiative can pretty effectively be led by the community rather than top down from our team, because we won’t need to provide a lot of specific instruction in order to make improvements in these areas.
Any pull requests to provide good instructions for this approach in the README and/or docs would be appreciated to get the ball rolling on this.
Part of the reason I feel like we can get moving on some of this now is that GitPod might be useful for helping frontend developers get up and running with the codebase and making changes without the worry of installing and getting the app running locally.

Spin up a "local" instance of DEV in the cloud with GitPod (It’s incredibly simple)
Ben Halpern


Only time will tell if GitPod leads to true productivity enhancements for frontend developers looking to contribute, but I think it’s something worth exploring.