Call Us What You Want is officially on board!

Hello, World!
We contemplated creating our own website from zero or using a platform such as Medium. In the end, we’ve decided that is the perfect environment for our posts — just like Call Us What You Want, it’s 100% open source!
Right now, you might be asking yourself: what is Call Us What You Want? Put it simply, we’re (at least two) friends that love music and programming. We originally created this organization with our first project idea: an open source platform where people can rate the music they listen to.


Musicritic, our earliest project, is one year old today! 🎂Here’s the commit that started it all on March 18th, 2018! 🥰
23:10 PM – 18 Mar 2019


We have been working on this project (which we named Musicritic) and spotify-web-sdk for over a year now and while there’s still a lot of work to be done, we’ve sure come a long way! We’d be honored if you took your time to check out our projects and maybe contribute with them yourself.


Time to celebrate: spotify-web-sdk v0.5.0 is out now! 🎉We’re happy to announce that, from this version onward, all Spotify Web API requests currently available are…

02:12 AM – 07 Mar 2019


Here in we intend to discuss our experiences and share what we’ve been learning along the road. Code design decisions, how to contribute with our repositories, our recommended best practices… We’re here to continue improving ourselves and (who knows?) inspire people to contribute with open source as well.
That’s just about everything. Hope to see you all soon with posts that actually have some interesting content!
Oh, I’ve just come across a pizza recipe posted here… I guess we’ll feel free to post about some other things from time to time. 😅
Until next time!