🐶 ModdoC: A new way to read Documentation of Node Modules

We all use node modules in our projects, and we have to read their documentation over and over. But going on npm org and searching for a node module to read its documentation can waste a lot of time. So that’s why we made MODDOC. It’s a simple tool to read the node module’s documentation easily.

Some Features

1. Open multiple projects at a time
2. Shows both dependencies and dev dependencies

3. Quick copy widget

4. In-app browser for external links

5. Offline access to Documentation
It’s just a start, and with your help we can add more features to it and make it more awesome. The best part is that this tool is completely Open Source. So feel free to have a look, suggest features, find bugs or fix them.

sarthology / moddoc

🐶 Easy access to npm package’s Documentation

🐶 Best way to see Documention of Node Modules in your Project.

Before running this locally you must have these installed


It’s built in electron so the process to start this is really easy

npm install
npm install electron -g
npm run electron-tsc

That’s it.

Feel free to contribute to this project and treat it like your own. 😊

MIT License

Sarthak Sharma

Icons used from flaticon

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This is a beta release, so I thought this is the best place to discuss it. I hope you will like it. See you next time.

Link: https://dev.to/teamxenox/moddoc-a-new-way-to-read-documentation-of-node-modules-3ok4