Are we pretentious and arrogant?

The other day i had this conversation on a Facebook group with another developer who claimed that you can ignore HTTPS if your website doesn’t handle any data transfer.
I replied that, even if “technically" this might be true, it just isn’t, due to infinite reasons. Primarily the fact that Google just penalizes websites not on SSL.
At this point this guy kept on arguing with a very annoying/aggressive behaviour, claiming that he did hundreds of migrations from HTTP to HTTPS, that i was probably one of those fools who believed security is only a matter of SSL and so on…
Eventually other people joined the discussion and stood by my side. Didn’t need that, but i apprieciated it.
Then a simple thought.
That wasn’t the first time that, when discussing IT stuff with other developers, things started to heat up, turning out on an aggressive, i-know-everything tone.
It seems like many devs out there just can’t wait the moment to pretentiously show their knowledge, without even trying to understand if there’s some bug in theirs.
The only thing i know, after many years in this industry, is that i know nothing…
Did you ever found yourself in a situation like this?
Do you think that we, as developers, have a slighly tendency to become quite selfish because of our so specific-skills?
Let me know, DEV people. Let me know.
This article was written while listening to La Casa Elettrica #01.
Cover image by Tomasz Mrozkiewicz