DinosaurJS Opportunity Scholarship

Opening up 2019 Scholarship Opportunities

It’s year four for DinosaurJS and I can gratefully say we have had the amazing opportunity each year to provide scholarships for underrepresented person’s in technology. At our core, we’ve always believed that everyone should have access to information, regardless of class, state or any other factors. We do our best to have an inclusive conference with everything from blind speaker selection to ensuring dietary restrictions are met and speakers feel completely comfortable and supported. This year is better than ever and we’re very excited to open up our application. We’ll be accepting applications now through June 10th.
We would like to extend an invitation to those underrepresented groups; women, LGBT+ folks, people of color, people with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged individuals interested in learning about JavaScript and partaking in this community; to apply for a scholarship. We have two days of content, networking events and plenty of time to meet mentors and potential new employers and friends.

Pictured are two ladies who were able to attend DinosaurJS in years past from scholarships, then made dinosaur skirts!
You have one thing we need you to do… Fill out this 📝 quick form 📝 and if you’re eligible you will be included in our lottery selection! Apply now so we can get you approved ASAP! All scholarship selections will receive a free ticket and a few will have travel covered as well; please include if you need assistance with this in your application.

Looking to help someone out?

These scholarships are done by joint effort from sponsors and community, so thank you to everyone who helps make this possible. 🙏
We have opportunity enthusiast tickets available, so if you’re able to purchase a ticket for you and someone else, we appreciate your help in bringing more people to our conference.
If you’re a company and looking to help sponsor scholarships, please reach out via roar@dinosaurjs.org and we would love to chat!

Link: https://dev.to/jesswest/dinosaurjs-opportunity-scholarship-g1f