Test Automation Analytics Using Cube.js

A decade in Quality Engineering and Test Automation and my observation has been that something that visibility is generally missing when it comes to Test Automation. Yes! You heard it right. Visibility! 

It is often the case that the technical aspects do not matter much, as much as the non-technical ones. 
At times, I even got a feeling that Test Automation was becoming the responsibility of only the QAs when every member of the team is responsible for the Quality aspect. And the reason for that was also missing visibility of Test Automation at times. Since you don’t see what’s going on on a day to day basis, you don’t hold yourself responsible for it. And, at times, don’t see much of value in it as well. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind. 
One of the first and the foremost things that the team practicing Agile believes in is Visibility. Visibility in the form of Story Walls, Barometer (To track overall sprint progress), Build Monitors, Burndown Charts, Ice-cream Meters (Who is attending Stand ups on time and who is not) is very common among the team practicing Agile.

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