How do non-native English speakers cope with language specific concepts (they learnt in English) in their mother tongue?

And I don’t mean the syntax, keywords or naming conventions (like naming variables in languages other than English). I’m talking about concepts, ideas, names you don’t use in your code, but which describe it – words like “loop", "variable" or "key". Those are the easy ones, because they probably can be translated quite directly into other languages, but others aren’t so obvious.
Polish is my mother tongue. Right now I’m learning MDX in English and words like "tuple", "set", "dimension", "leaf", "descendant" pop up quite often. I understand the idea behind them, but how do I know what they are called in Polish? Do I go through a basic MDX tutorial in Polish and hope they are all mentioned there?
Basically, one could go through life knowing only their English names, but at times we need to communicate with one another and that communication may not be in English.