What software/techniques does your team use to conduct remote coding interviews?

I’ve noticed a trend amongst development teams to adopt an interview format that looks more like a pair programming/code review session between the interviewer and candidate. Among other things, this has the potential benefit of providing a more real-world, “day-in-the-life” discussion, especially as compared to whiteboard/logic puzzle/pseudo-code style interviews.
I’d love to learn more from folks that are doing this already (or are planning to soon!), and in particular, what exact techniques you’re using. For example:

What software do you use to interact/code along with candidates during the interview? (e.g. Zoom for screen sharing?, online IDEs such as Codesandbox?) Do you rely on audio and video for communication?
Do you expect candidates to use a specific IDE/editor during the interview? Or do you allow folks to choose their tool of choice?
What is the scope of the task the candidate typically performs? (e.g. are they writing tests, doing a code review, fixing bug?). Do you ever code/work along with them? Or is the discussion purely “observational”?
Besides writing/reading code, do you typically ask folks to perform other tasks during the discussion, such as debugging? Performing source control operations? (e.g. commuting code changes)

If you’ve already written about this before, feel free to just share the link. In general, I’m very keen to learn more about tech interviews in-the-wild, so I appreciate any and all details. I suspect others in the community will be interested as well, since this an area that deserves continuous improvement and knowledge sharing 🙌

Link: https://dev.to/lostintangent/what-software-techniques-does-your-team-use-to-conduct-remote-coding-interviews-2af8