Hey, let’s share our career begin stories.

Here’s mine.
Everything started back in 2015 when I got to college, by then the only thing I knew is that I love tech and wanted to work with it. 2015 was pretty rough cause by the end of it my mom left the house and I was with my old grandma unemployed and having to support both of us. Luckily I got a day job in a parking lot which
saved us and I had a lot of fun, the downside was that I haven’t code as much as I should at college and learned pretty much anything. In 2016 I got an internship in a tech company but for a support role, I began there hoping to get a dev job but I wasn’t prepared and the whole internship was frustrating, and so another lost year. But there was a plus side there I got to meet Caio a friend of mine who referred me to one sales company who need a systems analyst that’s when the things started to get right for me. At this company I would do pretty much anything with SQL all features were based on procedures or queries, it was not the ideal or the job I was dreaming about but I gave my 100% so that could bring me a useful exp, and that concludes 2018. Since I was writing SQL and having more contact with programming, I also earned more money and got more time to study and contribute with GitHub projects which gave me the trust to apply for jr dev spots, and finally in 2019 I got a chance to really prove myself as a developer by getting a jr spot in a huge Brazilian company.
The first 7 months have been a crazy and intense study period for me at this new job have been intense but amazing I’m having so many cool projects to work with and opportunities to learn, practice and present what I learn by talking to people and sharing what I’m learning
This pic was taken in a git talk that I had earlier this year.
And that’s it. Thanks who took the time to read this I hope this discussion helps someone getting into coding :).

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