The DEV Community Published a Book: Your First Year in Code

The emphasis from this title should be on the word community. This was an incredible initiative driven by longtime DEV member @isaacdlyman
. It started with an idea, and a DEV post:

I’m writing a book for junior developers!
Isaac Lyman ・ Mar 9 ・ 3 min read


We are very happy to announce that Your First Year In Code is available today.

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It is critically important for the industry that books like this exist, and that experienced developers point newer devs towards it. Many of the best software books are not useful or ideal for early career developers. Long-form reads do not help newer developers if the material is overly abstract. This book seeks to offer practical guidance for creating the structure for a great career in software.
The book was authored by Isaac and fifteen co-authors, many of whom are active DEV members. But this book is more than just a collection of blog posts, Isaac’s vision and excellence can be felt throughout the material. Those of you with more experience will resonate with much of the advice and get a refresher on the perspective and challenges of newer developers. Those of you who are just starting out, well, you’re lucky to have this guide. I wish this book was available during my first year.
The I wish this were available when I were starting out feeling has been palpable since Isaac announced the project, and the book lives up to the expectation.
Some reactions and feedback from that first post:

Shannon Crabill

Mar 9

This sounds like the book I wish I had 5 years ago. I’d love to contribute. I’ll be reaching out.
Thinking aloud, Keziyah of Juniors in Tech may be a good resource to reach out too as a possible co-author/avenue to promote—her newsletter content is great.

Glenn Carremans

Mar 9

This is amazing! I wish I read more programming books during my studies and at the beginning of my career 2 years ago. I have recently started reading Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship and have already learned a lot from it.
I think I am still a little too “junior" to be of any help with your book.
I would love to be a beta reader, I am sure there will be lots of useful tips that I can use.
For the "Do I fit in?" chapter you mentioned that you are not the right person for that chapter, what is the type of person you are looking to write this?

Pay What You Can

When we agreed to co-publish First Year In Code with Isaac, we knew it was our kind of partnership because he was adamant on making the book available for the entire community. We are pleased to announce that First Year In Code is available on a pay-what-you-can pricing model. With that said, Isaac and all the co-authors have spent much of their time and energy in putting the book together so all contributions are appreciated.
We recommend $15 if you can afford it. The proceeds will be distributed among the deserving co-authors and 10% of all proceeds will go directly to Girls Who Code.
Isaac has been one of the leading DEV Community members in terms of understanding its value and place in the ecosystem. In addition to his contributions to this book, his whole publishing backlog is a goldmine, and you should heed some of his practical advice, like:

Put on your resume!
Isaac Lyman ・ Oct 12 ’18 ・ 1 min read


One more thing

Ask your manager to buy a copy for the whole team, and support this awesome community initiative! 😉

👉 Purchase on LeanPub Now 📘

Happy coding!