What Does Your IDE/Code Editor Look Like?

I have FINALLY gotten my code editor to be my ideal setup. But now I’m curious, what does your code editor/IDE look like?


I’m using VS Code. Although I’ve used Sublime Text and Atom Editor previously, I’ve found VSCode to be the winner.


I’m using the font Dank Mono. It’s a paid font; it cost me about 40 British pounds, but is definitely worth it. Fira Code is a free alternative with ligatures (the cursive-style and connecting lines which make code editors beautiful).

Dank Mono

Fira Code


I’m currently using the Dracula theme for my editor. Although I tend to flip flop between Dracula and Night Owl by Sarah Drasner and Pink Cat Boo.


Night Owl

Pink Cat Boo


My code terminal is setup using OhMyZsh. Ali Spittel has a fun blog post all about terminal setup if you’re interested in learning more!
Post pictures of your setup below!

Link: https://dev.to/emmawedekind/what-does-your-ide-code-editor-look-like-550e