Dynamically Filter JSON With Jackson and Squiggly

At my current company, we built an internal issue tracking application for our service team to better support our customers. The Service Desk, as we call it, is a typical Spring Boot web application with many REST endpoints that serialize objects to JSON using the popular Jackson library. One such endpoint provides a list of issue objects, which is the root level object in Service Desk.
Several months ago, we noticed that our issue search screen was slow. After some digging, we realized that the issue object had grown from a handful of properties to over 50 properties. We were pulling down an enormous payload just to display a few properties on the screen! 

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To, co ważne

Jako człowiek publikujący w sieci dla developerów mam do wyboru: sprawić, że krzykniecie: ej, zaraz, cholera, ten Wielgosik to ma rację! albo totalnie Was wkurwić. Pierwsze stanie się jak napiszę, co checie usłyszeć, drugie, gdy powiem jak jest, ale przy tym ostro przesadzę, bo tak mam. A co gdybym wybrał opcję po środku? Myślałem na […]

Link: http://ferrante.pl/life/publicystyka/to-co-wazne/

PyDev of the Week: Honza Kral

This week we welcome Honza Král (@HonzaKral) as our PyDev of the Week! Honza is one of the core developers of the Django web framework. He is also the maintainer of the official Python client to Elasticsearch. You can see some of the projects he is interested in or working on over at Github. Let’s spend some time getting to know Honza better!
Can You Tell Us a Little About Yourself (Hobbies, Education, etc):
I grew up in the Old Town of Prague, Czech Republic where I also went to school, including University where I studied computer science (which I didn’t finish). During my studies, I discovered Python and immediately fell in love, first with the language and later, after going to my first Pycon in 2008, with the community.

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