Animate Calligraphy with SVG

From time to time at Stackoverflow, the question pops up whether there is an equivalent to the stroke-dashoffset technique for animating the SVG stroke that works for the fill attribute. But upon closer inspection, what the questions are really trying to ask is something like this:
I have something that is sort of a line, but because it has varying brush widths, in SVG it is defined as the fill of a path.
How can this “brush" be animated?

In …
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Advanced Document Conversions with Filestack

You might know Filestack from being an incredible service to add file uploading, storage, and management to your own web apps.
There is another thing Filestack can do for you: convert documents into different formats.

For one thing, it can manipulate documents. Take images. Perhaps you would like to offer some image manipulation for your users uploaded images, like cropping and rotation. That’s a common feature for apps that offer avatar uploading. With Filestack, you got it.
It’s great …
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Balancing Time

I first wrote this post four years ago. I put it on a blog that no longer exists. Funnily enough, I still refer to it myself, so I figured it might be best served in a place where other people can see it. I’ve made only a few minor tweaks to the original content. A lot about how I work has changed, but most of these pieces have not.

I work on many personal projects concurrently. I love doing this, …
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