ABEM. A more useful adaptation of BEM.

BEM (Block Element Modifier) is a popular CSS class naming convention that makes CSS easier to maintain. This article assumes that you are already familiar with the naming convention. If not you can learn more about it at getbem.com to catch up on the basics.
The standard syntax for BEM is:
I’m personally a massive fan of the methodology behind the naming convention. Separating your styles into small components is far easier to maintain than having a sea of …

ABEM. A more useful adaptation of BEM. is a post from CSS-Tricks

Link: https://css-tricks.com/abem-useful-adaptation-bem/

Top 10 React Libraries on GitHub to Follow

Created by Facebook, React has gone on to become a really powerful JavaScript framework, making the job of front-end development easier for programmers.
If you have spent some time working with React.js, you would agree that a couple of other libraries need to be used with React to get the best experience.

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Actual Input Latency: cross-browser measurement and the Hasal testing framework

Editor’s Note: This post is also featured on the 2017 Performance Calendar. This is a story about an engineering team at Mozilla, based in Taipei, that was tasked with measuring performance and solving some specific performance bottlenecks in Firefox. It is also a story about user-reported performance issues that were turned into actionable insights. It […]

Link: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2017/12/actual-input-latency-and-the-hasal-testing-framework/