Xamarin.Forms Theming With CSS and Telerik UI

Mobile apps often shoot for a consistent user experience. Given the ruthlessly short attention span of most mobile app users, consistency of user experience is one way to keep the user engaged throughout a single session in the app. An app user interface should have a similar look all throughout and behave uniformly. Consistency in colors, placements, and animations can make different app sections feel like a part of one family — leading to a smooth and natural user experience.
One way to achieve UI consistency is to use a style theme. All resources used in styling app interfaces live together — styles are shared and changes trickle down throughout the app’s UI. If you’re building cross-platform apps with Xamarin, Telerik UI for Xamarin can also aid in app-wide consistency with UI controls that are rich, performant, and exude consistent styling. This is achieved using a built-in Telerik theme, providing developers consistent app-wide XAML styles, as well as customization options.

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Entity Framework (EF) Core Cache

Entity Framework (EF) Core is the rearchitected and rewritten version of the Entity Framework object relational mapping engine for .NET Core applications. It is very light-weight, extensible, and cross platform.
However, high transaction .NET Core applications using EF Core face performance and scalability bottlenecks in the database-tier under peak loads. This is because, although you can linearly scale the application tier by adding more application servers, you cannot add more database servers to scale it.

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