Web Design: User Personas Define Your Target Audience

The “user” is a far too abstract description of the people that might want to use your new web project. You can neither orient nor optimize your project towards a description that abstract. You need something better, like Frank, the hasty single father, or Maria, the stressed-out accountant. User personas allow for this exact concretization….

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Journey Designer: Fast Multi-Channel-Marketing by WebEngage

Among other things, contemporary marketing is based on being able to react to users fast and precisely. For that, WebEngage provides plenty of tools that allow you to notify users on different channels, like email, the web, as well as in-app messages, encouraging them to interact with you. Thanks to the new “Journey Designer”, you…

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AMP Stories: More Vivid Storytelling on Mobile Devices Made Easy

To Google, the open AMP project is one of the most important endeavors of the recent past. This is about nothing less than the supremacy on the user’s mobile devices. It goes without saying that Google refuses to let Facebook have this supremacy without a fight. It’s also clear that they can’t afford to do…

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DIY Tutorials (Not Just) for Web Designers: Create Explainer Videos Easily

You find creating explainer videos tempting, but don’t think you can do it? Well, you’re a web designer, and I’m sure you’ve already made a few animated design elements come to life. There’s room for improvement, and it’s called mysimpleshow. Quickly Create Explainer Videos With mysimpleshow We all know these animated tutorials where someone manually slides…

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Never Forget These 5 Principles of Design Psychology

Never underestimate psychology. After all, it explains pretty much all our actions.Take the following principles of design psychology to your heart. Psychology for Designers: An Aspect That Mustn’t be Disregarded Joe Leech, better known as Mr. Joe, should be one of the most popular evangelists of the “psychology for designers.” Leech’s customers include Disney, eBay,…

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