Top 10 Programming Languages in 2017

Programming is something vast and rather individual as each developer chooses tools that are most convenient for them. However, certain languages, platforms, and frameworks have claimed themselves as some of the easiest and most efficient to use. Thus we have collected for you the top-10 programming languages loved by developers nowadays. Which one is your favorite?
Python is a dynamic and general-purpose language that emphasizes code readability and enables developers to use fewer lines of code (in comparison with Java or C++). It supports multiple programming paradigms and has a large standard library.


ASP.NET Core: Building an Enum Provider to Convert C# Enums to JavaScript

My previous post about ASP.NET Core and getting C# enums to JavaScript was primitive and used simple attributes on enums to detect ones we need in JavaScript. This blog post extends the idea and makes some generalizations to also support those enums that are located in libraries we don’t control or on what we don’t want to apply attributes.
JavaScriptEnum Attribute
We start again by defining the JavaScriptEnum attribute and some sample enums that are decorated with this attribute. The JavaScriptEnum attribute is a marker attribute and it doesn’t carry any functionality.


Converting Multiple C# Enums to JavaScript

My last solution for converting C# enums to JavaScript was simple but needed some additional work to support multiple enums better. After some playing with different approaches, I found a simple one that works okay for me. This blog post describes my simple solution that turns multiple C# enums into JavaScript with one shot.

NB! This post is like chapter two to my previous enums post Converting C# enums to JavaScript. The code in this and the current post is for ASP.NET MVC.


Converting C# Enums to JavaScript

In one of my projects, I needed some enums defined in C# to also be usable in my JavaScript code. After some quick research on the internet, I came up with a simple and easy extension method to convert C# enums to JavaScript. Here it is.

Let’s get started with an example enum and suppose we want to be able to also use it with JavaScript.


Local Functions in C# 7.0

One of the new features of C# 7.0 is support for local functions. Local functions are methods that are defined inside other methods to simplify more complex code and by example to support local recursion. This blog post shows how to use local functions in C# 7.0 and gives some advice in context of technical design of code.

To illustrate local functions I will use the example of finding a factorial.


New & Upcoming Course Highlights: Entity Framework Query Performance

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Writing a Linux Daemon in C#

When you want to run a .NET Core process as a daemon on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can create a custom systemd unit. Today, I’ll write about two examples of custom systemd units for .NET Core. One is a oneshot type for running a .NET Core console application and the other is a simple type for running an ASP.NET Core Web application.
Oneshot Type With a Console Application
Building an App
You can use dotnet run in systemd with the specifying project directory as a working directory. However, let’s build a binary file and use it for systemd. Create your project with dotnet new and edit Program.cs as follows: