When’s the last time you SFTP’d (or the like) into a server and changed a file directly?

In the grand tradition of every single poll question I’ve ever posted, the poll below has a has a fundamental flaw. In this case, there is no option between “In the last month" and "Never" but, alas, the results are interesting:
When’s the last time you SFTP’d (or the equiv) into a server and changed a file directly?
— Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) October 9, 2018

What I was trying to get at with this poll is how many people do …
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How I Use Python to Blog From My iPhone

Over the last 12 years, I have been blogging almost uninterruptedly about different subjects (mostly on tech stuff), on different platforms and using a variety of devices and applications. First on desktop and laptop computers, and more recently from iPhone and iPad. This year I went on to try something new and decided to create this blog based on Pelican, a static site generator made with Python. And I got the whole process working on my iPhone, which has become, arguably, my main personal computer. So, how do I publish new content to this blog from my iPhone?
1. I Write Each Article in Markdown
Markdown is a simple syntax that can be easily translated to HTML (and a bunch of other formats), but only requires a simple text editor and allows us to focus on the content. On my Mac, I tend to use either Ulysses, or BBEdit, or VIM, whatever comes to hand. On iPhone, currently, I use Ulysses, Drafts or Working Copy. I may start with Drafts or Ulysses, then copy to Working Copy and go on from there…

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Transmit Droplets

Ethan Marcotte documented his workflow for storing GIFs in a web directory. Sometimes just SFTPing files into a folder is as fancy a workflow as you need, and in fact, modern workflows don’t have anything on it!
I’ve also used Transmit’s fancy features for this kind of thing. I prefer saving the connection as a Droplet, which is basically a little application you can drop a file onto and have it upload to exactly where you want it…say a GIF …
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