It was awesome to hear Charlotte Dann on CodePen Radio the other day, who is Kickstarting a new jewelry business. The idea is that you draw your own jewelry (everything you draw looks awesome because it’s on this interesting hexagon grid) and then it gets actually made. This tying together of her passions sprang to life on CodePen.
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MDN Product Advisory Board

We all know and love MDN for already being the best documentation for web features out there. It looks like it’s poised to get even better with Google and Microsoft both joining a new board.
Mozilla’s vision for the MDN Product Advisory Board is to build collaboration that helps the MDN community collectively maintain MDN as the most comprehensive, complete, and trusted reference documenting the most important aspects of modern browsers and web standards.
Interesting none of them mentioned …

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Link: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/10/18/mozilla-brings-microsoft-google-w3c-samsung-together-create-cross-browser-documentation-mdn/

Sponsor: Media Temple

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Media Temple is my web host here at CSS-Tricks. I still remember what it was like buying my first web hosting, pointing a domain name to it, FTPing into that server, and having the files I put there appear in the web browser. Powerful stuff, kids. Watch out or you might try to turn it into a career!
I’ve upgraded my server a few times since then, but it’s still a pretty standard grade …

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I haven’t experienced imposter syndrome, and maybe you haven’t either

In recent years it’s become trendy to discuss how we all apparently suffer from this imposter syndrome – an inability to internalize one’s accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.
I take two issues with this:

it minimizes the impact that this experience has on people that really do suffer from it.
we’re labelling what should be considered positive personality traits – humility, an acceptance that we can’t be right all the time, a desire to

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Link: https://rachsmith.com/2017/i-dont-have-imposter-syndrome

Let There Be Peace on CSS

Cristiano Rastelli:
In the last few months there’s been a growing friction between those who see CSS as an untouchable layer in the “separation of concerns” paradigm, and those who have simply ignored this golden rule and have found different ways to style the UI, typically applying CSS styles via JavaScript.
He does a great job of framing the “problem", exploring the history, and pointing to things that make this seem rather war-like, including one of my own!
As Cristiano …

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When asked “Why Wufoo?" they say:
Because you’re busy and want your form up and running yesterday.
Wufoo is a form builder that not only makes it fast and easy to build a form so you really can get it up and running in just minutes, but also has all the power you need. What makes forms hard are things like preventing spam, adding logic, making them mobile friendly, and integrating what you collect …

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Size Limit: Make the Web lighter

A new tool by Andrey Sitnik that:

Can tell you how big your bundle is going to be (webpack assumed)
Can show you a visualization of that bundle so you can see where the size comes from
Can set a limit for bundle size, throwing an error if you exceed it

Like a performance budget, only enforced by tooling.
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Essential Image Optimization

Addy Osmani’s ebook makes the case the image optimization is too important to be left to manual processes. All images need optimization and it’s the perfect job for automation.
I agree, of course. At the moment I’ve got a WordPress plugin + Cloudinary one-two punch helping out around here. Optimized images, served with a responsive images syntax, from a CDN that also handles sending the best format according to the browser, is quite a performance improvement.
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Get instant feedback from visitors

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Now you can get instant visual feedback for your website or app. Incoming Feedback from Hotjar is an easy and quick way to collect instant feedback directly from your website visitors.
Measure your performance and see the impact your team’s changes have on your website or app over time. Celebrate your wins and tackle your team’s next challenge.
It only takes your visitors two clicks to share their feedback on your website or app. …

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Vue.js Style Guide

“Style guide" as in, if you’re writing JavaScript using the Vue framework, these are some guidelines they suggest you follow. Not to be confused with a pattern or component library, which happens.
Things like using multi-word PascalCase components and abstracting complex logic away from templates. There are a couple dozen of them nicely documented with good and bad examples. This isn’t entirely uncommon. I know WordPress has guidelines for this kind of thing.
These are in an unusual category of …

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Link: https://vuejs.org/v2/style-guide/