A JavaScript Flavor 52% of Developers Don’t Know About

Reason is a programming language created by Facebook that was released in 2017, but has a small community today. According to a survey by StateofJS, the Reason language has not been heard of by almost 52% of people. Facebook says it is a faster and simpler cousin of JavaScript and that proves the point that the syntax of Reason was made keeping JavaScript programmers in mind. Facebook needed a new language, but, in addition to that, did not want to create an entirely new language, i.e. they did not want to create everything from scratch. They wanted to build it on top of an existing language so that programmers didn’t need to learn an entirely new syntax and semantics. This resulted in the birth of Reason which is made 80% on top of OCaml. OCaml is a language that has been around for 22 years now. Although OCaml has a small community and is mainly used in academics, there is a reason why OCaml makes Reason so great.
Reason’s compilation target is JavaScript and hence it creates beautiful, readable compilation code in JavaScript, thus helping a huge army of JavaScript programmers across the globe. For example, the code given below is in Reason.

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