Delivering WordPress in 7KB

Over the past six months, I’ve become increasingly interested in the topic of web sustainability. The carbon footprint of the Internet was not something I used to give much thought to, which is surprising considering my interest in environmental issues and the fact that my profession is web-based.

The web in a warming world
As a brief recap, I attended MozFest in London last year. In between sessions, I was scanning a noticeboard to see what was coming up, and …
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Pagely: Managed WordPress Hosting on Amazon Web Services

Dedicated WordPress hosting is the new black. The last five years saw a rapid rise in the numbers of providers that offer WordPress-focused hosting solutions. Pagely sticks out from this competition. Pagely: The Fast Are The Enemy of The Slow Why does Pagely stick out from the competition, you will undoubtedly ask. The answer is…


Elementor: This WordPress Page Builder is Your New Design Tool

The rather new WordPress Page Builder Elementor already has over 400,000 active installations. I took a look at this whizkid for you. The Page Builder developed by Pojo Me Digital Ltd. is only about two years old. Since then, the plugin has established itself and became one of the market leaders in this rather overseeable…