Not Only Gadgets: Cyber Monday 2017 for Web Developers, Marketeers and Website Owners

Certainly. It’s Cyber Monday, and you can quickly amass smartphones, voice assistants, game consoles and loads of other gadgets. Boring. Fortunately, we have TemplateMonster to care for our professional requirements. TemplateMonster Keeps Growing Steadily Readers […]



As of WordPress 4.7 (December 2016), WordPress has shipped with a JSON API built right in. Wanna see? Hit up this URL right here on CSS-Tricks. There is loads of docs for it.
That JSON API can be used for all sorts of things. I think APIs are often thought about in terms of using externally, like making the data available to some other website. But it’s equally interesting to think about digesting that API right on the site itself. …

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