IValue: Efficient Representation of Dynamic Types in C++

In traditional SQL systems, a column’s type is determined when the table is created and never changes while executing a query. If you create a table with an integer-valued column, the values in that column will always be integers (or possibly NULL).
Rockset, however, is dynamically typed, which means that we often don’t know the type of a value until we actually execute the query. This is similar to other dynamically typed programming languages where the same variable may contain values of different types at different points in time:

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Create a Transpiler: From VBA to VB.NET

In this tutorial, we show how to create a transpiler, a software that can be useful in a few scenarios: if you have a large codebase in a language that does not fit your needs anymore or if you still want to keep developing in one language, but you need better performance or need to run in a specific environment. 
The example transpiler will convertVisual Basic for Applications (VBA) to Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) code. There are companies that need to keep using VBA because it is a simple language used by non-developers inside Excel. However, there could also be a need for increased performance or to mix calculations made by analysts with parts developed by professional developers. In such cases, individuals can transpile from VBA to VB.NET and let everything run in a single environment.

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How to Use a Vue Pivot Grid UI Component in Your Web App

In this post, we will review the PivotGrid component. Unlike a typical grid, a PivotGrid lets you change the way the data is presented. For example, you may have a data set with inventory items that include the number in stock, category, store, and quarter. You can create a PivotGrid to analyze the total inventory in stock by store and by quarter. Or, you can view the inventory in stock by category and by store. These different perspectives can be viewed in the same grid just by selecting which fields to use for the row and column of the grid. In a regular grid, you could only create one static view. 
Getting Started
We will need the PivotGrid, the PivotConfigurator, and the PivotDataSource components. The PivotGrid displays our summarized data. The PivotConfigurator helps us build the PivotGrid. And the PivotDataSource is an extension of the DataSource component used to bind our data to the PivotGrid and PivotConfigurator. First, we will initialize our project using the Vue webpack-simple template. Then, we will install Kendo UI, a theme, the PivotGrid package, and the DataSource package.

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Best Practices for Using Maybes and Creating Default Values

You’ve learned that using Maybes allows you to get rid of null pointer exceptions (i.e. “undefined is not a function”). However, now your application fails and gives no indication as to why. Errors would have left a stack trace that could have provided a hint as to where the problem originated, but, clearly here, you don’t have that to rely on. What should you be doing instead?

Null Pointers in Python vs. Ruby, Lua, and JavaScript
Let’s define what we mean by null pointers and how you usually encounter them. Most null pointers you’ll run into are from either accessing a property of an object to show on the screen or calling a method on an object.

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Seven Easy Steps to Install MiniProfiler on an ASP.NET MVC Website


Today, I wanted to add MiniProfiler to an ASP.NET MVC web application (not .NET Core), but unfortunately, the NuGet package doesn’t set up things correctly. The documentation is a bit lacking, and their sample project doesn’t work. So what was supposedly a simple task, took almost a full day of research to finally complete.

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