Installing WordPress Locally

This is the first chapter of the Complete WordPress Theme Guide series. In this chapter, you will learn how to install WordPress on a local computer. By doing so, it will save you time from updating and previewing files (so, you don’t have to frequently upload files on every change). You can also use the […]

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Word-Wrap: Force Text to Wrap

Today I’m going to talk about a rarely used but extremely useful CSS property, the word-wrap. You can force long (unbroken) text to wrap in a new line by specifying break-word with the word-wrap property. For example, you can use it to prevent text extending out the box and breaking the layout. This commonly happens […]

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How to Design a Folder with a Cool Retro Light Leak Effect

Using retro aesthetics in your design doesn’t have to mean adding 70s hippie graphics or neon lasers from the 80s. You can incorporate elements of the past in much subtler, more meaningful ways. For instance, this folder design for a fictional animal shelter simulates the “light leak” effect you might get when using vintage analog…


Don’t listen to those productivity gurus: why waking up at 6am won’t make you successful

If you want to be successful, many experts and life-hackers say you should wake up at 6 am, take a cold shower, exercise, meditate, journal and brainstorm, review and set goals, read news and industry sites, consume inspiring content, eat a protein-rich breakfast Whew. That’s a lot to accomplish before 8 am. I’m not sure…