I Don’t Hate Arrow Functions

TL;DR Arrow functions are fine for certain usages, but they have so many variations that they need to be carefully controlled to not break down the readability of the code. While arrow functions clearly have a ubiquitous community consensus (though not unanimous support!), it turns out there’s a wide variety of opinions on what makes […]
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Perlinized Hexagons

In my last post, Hexagons, I talked a bit about how cool hexagons are, and gave one method of creating a hex grid. I also used this image as a header: This was a bit of a tease, as I didn’t show how to create such an image. But I promised I’d come back around and give some code for it, so here we go. First, some refactoring As I’m sure most of you guessed, this image uses Perlin noise, but you could use any other function to get different textures. Check out my articles on flow fields (parts one Continue reading

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I know what you’re thinking. I’m thinking it too. So let’s stop tiptoeing around the subject and just say it out loud: Hexagons are freaking cool. Oh… you weren’t thinking that? Oops. My bad. I just assumed. Must be just me. So let me state my case on why hexagons are so damn neat. First, let’s get some definitions out of the way. A hexagon is a six-sided polygon. And just to be clear, the hexagon I’m talking about is the regular, convex polygon type of hexagon. Which is to say that all of its sides are the same length Continue reading

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2018 in Review

Here were are again… At the rate I’m going here, this blog will just be a collection of annual years in review. Anyway, an interesting year. For most of my programming career, I’ve had my job and then my personal projects. This past year drew to a close, the day job took a lot more of my focus. In fact, for the last 2-3 months at least, I haven’t really had any big personal projects. Work has been taking most of my attention. That’s not a bad thing. I’ve taken on a new role, really a whole new career path Continue reading

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