Switching Between .NET Core SDK Versions

In this article, we’ll learn how we can switch between the versions of the .NET Core SDK as per our needs.
If you have worked on one project that used .NET Core version 2.1 and then you installed .NET Core 3.0 Preview, you will get an SDK error while trying to run your .NET Core 2.1 project. This is because your current SDK version has changed to 3.0

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Several Years Later: A Case of the Telephone Game

Remember the Telephone Game? 
You can read all about it here, but the gist is the first person is whispered a message. That person then whispers the same message (to the best of their recollection) to another person. The process continues until the last person receives the message. At that point, the last person announces the message for all to hear. The fun part of this game is to hear how much the story changes as the message is passed from person to person.

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How Is Your Application’s Customer Service Experience?

[A Zone Leader asks, how is your application handling alternate flows systemmatically, providing three real-life examples he has recently encountered.]
When we think about the idea of customer service, probably the first thing that comes to mind is a group which supports some aspect of a business or service. By simply getting in touch with them, you can work through issues that were not expected as a result of your interaction.

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We Rebuilt Our Backend Feed Service! Here’s What I Learned

I’m a Software Engineer in Kurio (a news aggregator in Indonesia). As an aggregator application, our main job is: collecting many of our publisher partner’s websites (news or articles) then serve it to our users through our application.
How we serve this content is just like other news aggregators out there, we serve many feeds (list of content) to our users, such as feeds sorted by our top_stories logic, feeds sorted by what’s trending, or just a feed from a specific publisher or category.

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Advanced Basics: Bootstrap 4 With ASP.NET Core TagHelpers

The title of this post, Advanced Basics, takes the basics and fundamental concepts of what a developer has learned, whether it be a technique or library, and extends it exponentially to advance it to be something more efficient and useful for future projects.
We kick this post off by combining some Bootstrap with ASP .NET Core TagHelper goodness to provide a worthy post (maybe even a series? See below for more).

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How to Use a Start/Stop Loader on Every AJAX Call

In this article, we’ll learn how to put an AJAX loader for all AJAX calls from all pages which extend from your layout page into our MVC structure. Here, we will create a simple MVC project and call AJAX functions from view. For beginners who are new to AJAX, AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, it’s a front-end web technology that calls web-servers asynchronously. It will load your content without loading or leaving your current page.
Recommended Prerequisites

Visual Studio 

Step 1
Open Visual Studio and select “File” >> “New". Then, click on Project.

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Getting Cozy With WebViews, Part 2

Welcome back! If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here.  Ideal Apps for WebViews WebViews are not perfect for all app types. If you are building the Facebook app with 18000 classes even native might not be good enough. But there is a huge class of applications where web-based views are the best choice. If your app fits into these categories, definitely go for WebViews:

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Unit Testing Data Access in ASP.NET Core

I really like to be in contact with the readers of my blog. I get a lot of positive feedback about my posts via Twitter or within the comments. That’s awesome and that really pushed me forward to write more posts like this. Some folks also create PRs for my blog posts on GitHub to fix typos and other errors of my posts. You also can do this, by clicking the link to the related markdown file on GitHub at the end of every post.
Many thanks for this kind of feedback!

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