How to Fix 500 and 502 Errors in WordPress

500 and 502 errors can occur on your WordPress site, and can also be hard to fix since the errors themselves are providing few pieces of information about what’s going on. In order to help you fix those errors, here’s a simple and handy guide.

Caution: always backup your site before proceeding!
What Are the Causes of These Errors?
It’s important to note that WordPress itself isn’t at fault: 500 errors can occur on every website, and for a wide variety of reasons. Those errors are typically frustrating and demand a lot of troubleshooting since the error itself doesn’t provide any pointer about what can be wrong.


Reality Check: The Most Important WordPress Plugins Behind Noupe

Plugins are an important topic for every WordPress user. Before, we have presented new plugins every now and then. But we have never shown what our own installation runs with. Today, we want to catch up on that. In the following article, you’ll find the most important plugins behind Noupe. No web worker magazine works…


WordPress Comment Spam

Akismet is an incredible spam preventer for WordPress sites. I’d say it does 95% of the work for us. A few issues though make me want to augment it with other tools:

Some spam still slips through
It doesn’t prevent spam that seems easy to block
There are false-positives, so spam still needs to be checked

#1 is no big deal, we can nuke the slips pretty easily. We even have WordPress comment settings such that all comments need to …

WordPress Comment Spam is a post from CSS-Tricks


Elementor: This WordPress Page Builder is Your New Design Tool

The rather new WordPress Page Builder Elementor already has over 400,000 active installations. I took a look at this whizkid for you. The Page Builder developed by Pojo Me Digital Ltd. is only about two years old. Since then, the plugin has established itself and became one of the market leaders in this rather overseeable…